A Brighter Future


The Boleyn Trust is a charitable voluntary organsiation which relies on the valuble input of a considerable number of non-exeucitve volunteers, supported by an experienced team of staff.

Our Scheme of Delegation sets out the fundamental principles of the organisation and lays down the rules for its governance.  The framework consists of the principles set out here, the Trust Articles of Association and the detail set out in the Terms of Reference.  We will continue to develop our governance arrangements to shape and take account of best practice in the sector.

Financial governance must, as a foundation, be compliant with the principles and regulations set out in the Academies Financial Handbook.  The Boleyn Trust aims to go beyond this foundation to provide excellence in its governance.

Governance is underpinned by a common understanding about who is responsibile for providing valuable input into decision making and who has the decision-making responsibility.

Effective governance in our Trust is supported by the following:


Introduction and Responsibilities for Members


Introduction and Responsibilities for Trustees

Executive Team

Introduction and Responsibilities for the Executive Team

Local Governing Board

Cleves Primary School
Monega Primary School
New City Primary School
Ravenscroft Primary School
Rosetta Primary School
Shaftesbury Primary School
Tollgate Primary School

The Trust Board has overall responsibility and ultimate decision-making authoirty for all the work of the Trust, including the establishment and maintenance of its Schools.

The Governance of each School shall be delegated to the relevant Local Governing Board.

Governance Documents

Certificate of Incorporation
Articles of Association
Scheme of Governance and Delegation

Funding Agreements

Boleyn Trust - Master Funding Agreement
Cleves - Supplemental Funding Agreement
Monega - Supplemental Funding Agreement
New City - Supplemental Funding Agreement
Ravenscroft - Supplemental Funding Agreement
Rosetta - Supplemental Funding Agreement
Shaftesbury - Supplemental Funding Agreement
Tollgate - Supplemental Funding Agreement

Declaration of Interests

Members, Trustees, Executive Team, Person involved in the Procurement Process and Local Governors - 2017 / 2018

Board Minutes

Board Minutes - 11012017
Board Minutes - 07022017
Board Minutes - 11012017

Financial Statements

Finance Policy
Procurement Policy and Processing Procedures
Statement of Accounting Policies

Audited Accounts

Audited Accounts - 2017
Audited Accounts - 2018