A Brighter Future

Local Boards

The Trust greatly values and supports the work of Local Governing Boards and recognises the significant contribution that excellent local governance can make towards raising standards and if needed, the Trust provides further support to local governing boards. Local Governing Boards manage their own budgets and the Trust provide a range of high quality central services including finance, school improvement, HR, project management, PR, and legal advice.

The role of a Local Governor is an important one.  In developing our governance arrangements, the Trust Board has sought to ensure that the responsibility to govern is vested in those closest to the impact of decision-making and that such responsibility matches the capacity of those assuming responsibility.  The Trust Board establishes Local Governing Boards for each of it's Schools, for the most part made up of individuals drawn from the School’s community, both as elected and appointed members.

Local Governors are accountable to the Trust Board (who in turn is accountable to the Department for Education) as well as the communities they serve.